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03 August 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Hey all!

Okay, so firstly, what motivated me to make this community was because of my wish, which I believe most of you share, to support TVXQ and help to "fight for their rights." This community was not made to offend anyone, just to show our stand, that we believe and trust in TVXQ, and we'll support them no matter what.

So, what will be posted on this community will be things like, advertising on projects to support them, news about them, and maybe pictures about them. So basically, it's just anything to show our support for them! Do keep up with us, we'll all stand by TVXQ together!

Lastly, here are the few basic rules:

1) What you are allowed to post is stated on the sidebar and to make things clearer, icons & graphics are allowed.
2) Please do not bash TVXQ or any other artistes here.
3) Please play nice and respect each other.
4) Please only share news from credible sources (no rumours, only from reliable sources e.g. the news etc.)
5) When posting, please do tag properly:
     For icons, type: icons
            fanart, type: fanart

If unsure, please ask! :)

Unclear of anything? Ask away haha and let me end off now, TVXQ FIGHTING! :)

(Keep the faith)