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03 August 2009 @ 11:18 pm
Project #1: Twitter  
Calling all members of Twitter(or maybe you can sign up haha)! Here's how you guys can help out!

As we all know, TVXQ is currently going through rocky times and here is a simple way to show your support! Some might already to let the others be more aware of what is happening, TVXQ is currently a trending topic on Twitter, meaning that they are being mentioned so many times, they've "hit the charts". As you can see here, TVXQ is currently under trending topics and wondering how you can maintain their position?

On Twitter, when you put the # sign in front of any word, it creates a tag. The more a tag is used, the more popular the topic.

For example, if you put #dbsk or #tvxq, it'll make the topic more popular.

Trending Topics are the most popular tags at any given time. Not only can we show support for the group by doing this, but it has been proven that many curious people are wondering what on earth TVXQ is? They click on it and they'll realize who they are and hey, maybe this will help them boys gain more support!

All you need is a Twitter account and dedication. Sign up here and start off! It's really simple to use and to make things more fun, here is a community with awesome Twitter layouts to make it more exciting!

Post on twitter with the tag #dbsk as much as you can!

Also, to show more support, head over here. This is a Twibbon to add a small little signature to your profile picture to show your support for TVXQ. Just click on the link, scroll down and sign in using your Twitter account and scroll further down a little and click on "Show my support now!" and you're done! It's as simple as that!